Ascending Innovations LLC can help eliminate the human risk of climbing hazardous structures for aerial inspection. We can ascend structures safely, quickly and without disruption to your operations using intelligent drone technology. High definition images and or video capture the detail, and highlight areas to report for maintenance or follow-up.

● High definition images capture all the detail
● Live-video enables Subject Matter Experts “SME” to make real-time decisions
● Optical digital zoom available. Including Thermal Imaging
● Aerial inspection of multiple locations from a single take off point
● Quick setup and deployment


Contact us to discuss how we can enhance your network topography with aerial images and video.

Pipeline Patrols and Leak Detection

Working as a design engineer for a major gas pipeline company ensures you will be working with a knowledgeable experienced operator that understands the requirements for regulatory compliance first and foremost.

Power Line Surveys and Inspections

We offer drone services to inspect and survey your power grid from wireline to wind energy cutting out costly manned maintenance climbs and aircraft patrols.

Road Projects and Construction

Pre-construction and weekly update meetings can now be compiled into aerial progress reports that provide real-time logistics for developers, utilities, government, private and industrial business.


Close range, low altitude Drone (UAV) inspections serve as a cost effective and safe alternative to risking first responders over the crew of a manned helicopter in otherwise risky locations.

Thermal Roof Inspections

Review important benefits of commercial infrared roof moisture inspections and surveys.

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Pipeline Patrols and Leak Detection

Pipeline patrols and leak surveys are serious business to the Feds and Ascending Innovations LLC can help manage your data and inspections to meet your compliance requirements allowing lower maintenance operating costs for operations and engineering. With thermal imaging, we can detect leaks in the system as well as detect potential security breaches at TBSs without manned patrols. Unmanned patrols also help keep your performance and recordable safety incidents in check.


Damage Inspections include but are not limited to:
● Tornado and or Storm Damage
● Electrical/Power Line
● Pipe Lines
● Wind Farm
● Crane Inspection
● Rooftop
● Solar Panel
● Smoke Stack
● Refinery Flare Tip
● Bridge and Crossing
● Search and Rescue
● Law Enforcement
● Insurance Claims

Thermal Roof Inspections

There are important benefits of commercial infrared roof moisture inspections and surveys that should be kept in mind. Low slope insulated and flat roof systems like anything else need to be maintained to properly protect your investment.

Key benefits of using our infrared UAV roof inspection service

● Infrared Thermography is Non-Destructive.

● Infrared Thermal Imaging is non destructive or Invasive. However, verification of the marked areas of wet insulation on the roof need to be confirmed followed up by moisture probing meters or core sampling.

● Thermal imaging with an infrared (ir) camera quickly and accurately identifies areas of a roof that may have been compromised long before any damages are discovered inside a building.

● Proactive Intervention – Reduce Maintenance Cost.

● By performing regular IR scans you’ll be able to intervene prior to a small problem becoming a big one.

● Infrared Roof Inspection is Cost Effective.

● When compared to dealing with a catastrophic loss, annual thermal imaging and preventive maintenance is a solid choice.

● Proactive properly maintained roof will lower your energy costs.

How Aerial Infrared Inspections Work

We fly over the roof fitted with an infrared imager to create a thermal image of your entire roof structure. With the sun’s heat dissipating after dusk we create a color coded thermograph with red and orange indicating warmer areas and white areas indicating cooler areas. If moisture has infiltrated the roof, those areas will retain more heat allowing us to identify roof compromising concerns.

While aerial infrared roof inspections offer benefits to any commercial roofing structure they are ideal in the following cases:

● Very large commercial roofs

● In accessible roofs

● Dangerous roofs

● Roofs with no access

Infrared thermography has become an industry standard and is the preferred nondestructive method to identify water intrusion in flat, insulated and low slope roofs.

Differences in heat signatures illustrates the Thermographer problem areas such as:

● Moisture/Water intrusion

● Insulation deficiencies

● Flat- Insulated Roofing leaks

● Electrical systems

● Structural issues

● Mechanical Issues

● Building / Home Energy Loss

● Foundation deficiencies

● Plumbing obstructions or leaks

Infrared imagers used in roof inspections have been called the most significant advancement in roof maintenance since the moisture meter.

The cost of scanning commercial roofing systems varies depending on a number of factors including the size of the roof to be inspected. Contact us to discuss options and how we can save you time and prevent costly damage repairs before it's too late.


Ascending Innovations LLC is perfectly aligned to lower operating and maintenance costs for inspections and surveys. When it comes to safety, we remove the cost and risk of climbing in adverse conditions by performing the inspection from the ground.

Regardless of your network size we can offer options that fit your specific needs from single tower inspections to your entire Midwest network. Receive high-definition aerial imagery and 360 views of your tower(s) without the cost of climbing companies and manned interface inspections.

Drone inspections are less expensive and more efficient than traditional manned inspections. Drone inspections can be integrated to your workflow requirements to maximize efficiency. Our services can provide optimal performance and data reported to fit needs.

Our pilots are experienced certified FAA Part 106 and 107 operators with years of aeronautical skills and knowledge. We are permitted to fly for commercial services and upon request, insured for every job.

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